Saturday, 19 February 2011

Acknowledging My Infinite Guides

While I was taking a walk by the canal, I noticed a man riding on his bicycle while instructing two girls rowing in a boat. As he had a higher vantage point than the two girls, he could guide them safely. He even reminded them when to look back. Since this man is not always going to be with them in person, I would imagine his instructions will always be their guide.

Because my human experience makes me see things in parts i.e. have a limited information at any moment, it's natural for me to have guides to help me navigate my path.

I have four kinds of guides.

My guides are experts - alive or "dead" - who have already walked that path that I can get advice from without judgment.

My guides are anyone or anything that appears at the right time to meet whatever need I have at that moment without judgment.

My guides are my beliefs and experiences that act as reminders in case I find myself in similar situations. Sometimes, all I need to do is read an article I've written or affirm what I believe and the matter is resolved.

My guides are my infinite selves that exists in all time, all space and all realities. Because my selves are omnipresent, I can offer myself guidance knowing that I only want what is best for me. I can then choose whether to take on board my guidance or not.

On the bus this morning, I had a sudden thought to check the road ahead for diversion but then I dismissed the thought. While I was waiting to get off at the appropriate stop, another passenger went up to the driver and asked him if he could open the doors as she could see he was about to divert his route. When the driver opened the door, I got off as well.

I believe the thought about diversion was me sending myself that information. Even though I didn't act on my warning, I did end up staying alert enough to have heard the other passenger and got off with her. I thanked the passenger for being attentive otherwise I would have had a long walk back.

I am very grateful for all my guides everywhere who make life easy, fun and full of wonder.


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