Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doing Away with Unnecessary Distractions

I've noticed some official music videos on "YouTube" have adverts before the actual video starts, which I find an unnecessary distraction. Some videos even have pop-up adverts which are really annoying. I only want to watch the video or listen to the music not watch a bloody advert!

An unnecessary distraction is rather like a stage magician's sleight of hand technique that he uses to distract the audience from seeing how he's really performing his tricks. The moment you can see how the tricks are done there is no magic. Put another way, when you can see through the magician's tricks, you realise that with enough motivation, anyone can become a stage magician. Once you've mastered those tricks, you can set yourself up as a magician until someone discovers your secrets.

One popular form of unnecessary distraction is the belief in a mediator.

You want to publish your novel? You need a publisher.
You want to buy a record? You need a record shop.
You want to sell your house? You need an estate agent.
You want to be healed? You need a doctor, medicine or a therapist.
You want to live in peace? You need the police or armed forces.
You want to know who you really are? You need a spiritual guru or saviour.

I believe one reason why the belief in a mediator is so popular is because they are there to keep the System/society going. If everyone was to start healing themselves the health service will simply collapse. What are all those people whose livelihood depend on healing others going to do?

What would happen if everyone realised they had the Creative Intelligence aka God is within them? What need is there for religion, a spiritual teacher, master or messiah when you have instant guidance on tap?

In order to keep the System going, these distractions must continue in full force.

With the advent of the Internet, the need for a mediator is crumbling away. Who needs a mediator when you can download information from the source? You can even create a website and exchange, sell, share what you have to offer directly without the need of a mediator. You can also exchange ideas on the Internet and so much more.

This is the age of doing away with unnecessary distractions and going straight to source.


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