Monday, 7 February 2011

I Knew He was Giving Them Ideas!

About a month ago while I was travelling on the bus, I heard this man speaking to his son who looked about 5 years old. The man was explaining to his son what a rail replacement bus was, which the companies normally use when trains are not running. The boy said the trains were not running because there was dirt on the track and the trains had got stuck.

I turned round and said to the boy's father, "That's a good one!" I said. "The train companies have used different excuses why trains are not running like leaves on the track, the wrong kind of snow. Dirt on the track is a new one on me."

His dad laughed.

As the boy continued to weave more tales about dirt on the track I said to him, "Stop giving the rail companies ideas! We don't want them using that as a new excuse."

Look what's in today's London Evening Standard:

"The "wrong sort of dust" closed the busy Waterloo and City line today, as hundreds of thousands of commuters endured another day of misery on the Tube.

"Night engineering works created so much dust on the one-stop link between the mainline station and Bank that drivers reported they could not see properly, and trains were in danger of slipping." 'Wrong dust' on the line brings another day of chaos on the Tube.
Hmmm, I knew my friend on the bus had been giving transport companies ideas, which those engineers are now acting out. :-)

Sometimes, fact is fiction.


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