Friday, 25 February 2011

Inactivity Doesn't Always Mean Inactivity

"What appears to be "nothing" is always actively doing something." No Need to Fret Over Nothing
I was admiring my mother's potted plant this morning, which I affectionately call Agnes. Agnes is a Bologie plant that makes a tasty vegetable dish, if you know how to cook it. I don't! :-)

A few weeks ago, after Agnes had grown lots of luscious leaves, mum trimmed her down. For weeks, Agnes looked bare, as if there was nothing happening, but we knew all was well and kept watering her every few days, which she drank. Agnes has started growing new leaves which are looking very healthy.

A lot of trees lose their leaves in autumn and by winter they are completely bare. The moment spring arrives the leaves appear out of nowhere. That's the wonder of nature! Right now I can see all these daffodils in the park fast asleep and I can imagine in two months they'll be alert again and looking beautiful.

I believe nature reflects life which is constantly active. When there appears to be inactivity, there's always activity though not apparent to the senses.

It's all good!


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