Monday, 21 February 2011

It All Works Out Perfectly!

In the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode called Visionary, when Chief O'Brien is poisoned by radiation, he finds himself experiencing time shifts where he's jumping into the future and seeing what's going to happen. He also finds he can actually interact with his future self. When O'Brien realises that the station will explode in the future, he asks the doctor to send him to a time just before the explosion when he's able to advise his future self of what is about to occur. After O'Brien discovers the cause of the explosion, he finds he's too ill to make the journey back in time and asks his future self to swap places with him. The future O'Brien travels back in time to relay the information and the explosion is prevented.

In the final scene, O'Brien is feeling uncomfortable about living in the past. He discusses his feelings with his friend, Bashir:

O'Brien: I have this nagging feeling that I don't really belong here. This isn't really my life. Maybe, this life belongs to that other Miles O'Brien

Bashir: Chief, whether you're living in the past or the present, you are Miles O'Brien. The only difference is you have a few memories the other one didn't have.
I can very much relate to the notion of all selves in all time being the same with different memories.

About 8 years ago, I had a vision of a being of light telling me to share my practical experiences of spirituality, what it means to me anyway, on the Internet. Although I didn't have the resources I needed for such a task, the being told me not to worry as everything I need has already been provided.

It was later I realised that being of light was me in the future, the me that I am now, communicating with myself. While in essence the me in all times are the same, the me in the future had memories that my past self didn't have. So I had no choice but to trust that because the me in the future had already had the experiences, everything was going to work out perfectly.

If I were to communicate with my self, 15 years in the past, and advise her about any problems she was experiencing, she probably wouldn't be able to relate to what I know now because I have had a paradigm shift. In other words, it would be like speaking in a different language. For instance, the me 15 years ago used to take all sorts of pills and potions and saw her doctor almost once a month; but the me that I am now doesn't take pills and relies on prayer and affirmations for healing. So instead of trying to share information that self can't resonate with, all I can say to her is "You are loved and everything works out perfectly."

Right now there are some issues that I need resolving that I have no idea how but the me in the future has assured me that they've already been taken care of.

It all works out perfectly because I've already had the experiences.


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