Monday, 21 February 2011

Life is What You Make It

In a documentary series called The Spice Trail, Kate Humble travels round the world to discover how various spices are produced.

In the first one I watched, Kate looked at how black pepper is produced. I found it interesting that black pepper and white pepper come from the same berries. With black pepper, the berries are left out in the sun for a few days which makes them black. For white pepper, the berries are soaked in water for a few days which softens the skin which are then removed. The seeds are then dried which becomes white pepper as we know it.

I'm also reminded of potatoes which can be boiled, mashed, roasted, sautéed, fried as chips (fries) or crisps (potato chips), etc. Just because someone prefers potato fried to boiled doesn't mean it stops being a potato.

In the same respect, there is only one life, which in essence has no meaning but each individual is giving it their own meaning. In other words, according to one's vision, life can be experienced as: adventure, art, asylum, beauty, blessing, business, celebration, dance, drama, dream, empire, entertainment, experiment, expression, factory, farm, fashion show, festival, film, garden, heaven, hell, holiday resort, inspiration, kingdom, laboratory, library, love story, market, mission, music, novel, party, playground, prison, project, quest, religion, school, script, show, social network, spaceship, stage, studio, treasure-hunt, wonderland, workforce, zoo, etc.

Problems arise when one tries to impose one's vision or ideals on another, instead of simply letting others express who they are in their own way. If others choose to share your vision, fine; if not, it doesn't matter.

Life is what you make it.


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