Monday, 7 February 2011

Love Doesn't Care and Yet Love Cares

"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same" ~~ If, Rudyard Kipling

The Lord is everywhere
And always perfect:
What does He care for man's sin
Or the righteousness of man? ~~ Bhagavad Gita: The Song of God

After I forwarded a funny photo via email to a friend, which I said had reminded me of him. I also said I'd been thinking about him. He wrote back to tell me he's been ill and is on treatment. He attributed his illness to his feelings of anger and resentments which he's had to let go of. He believes letting go is helping him get better.

I wrote: "I believe Love never judges you and doesn't care what thoughts you've had in the past. All that matters is the present moment where you are always loved and Love wants you to be happy and well."

What do I mean by "Love never judges you and doesn't care what thoughts you've had in the past?"

Let's say I've been watching an actor on a TV drama playing the character of a villain. What if I were to meet the actor who was playing the villain in real life and berate him for all the awful things he's said and done in the TV drama? The individual is bound to think I'm crazy. Obviously, I'm not going to do that because I know the actor was only playing a role and his character isn't real. I believe the same also applies if the actor was playing a hero. It doesn't matter how loving the hero is, his character still isn't real.

I believe Love, my true self, knows that though human suffering can seem very real they are not real, nor are they the truth of the individual. They are simply different characters people are playing. Therefore, Love doesn't judge the person's thoughts, words or deeds because Love knows they are nothing. Love simply sees the individual as he really is and reminds the individual that his nature is Love in every moment.

When someone who is experiencing sickness embraces their nature as Love, Love reverses the condition they appear to be suffering from. In my friend's case, loving himself is actually helping him heal.

When I've experience migraines and have remembered that my nature is Love, the migraine has been dissolved in no time. At no point when I've been sick has the Inner Voice of Love ever said to me that such and such is happening to me because of my earlier thoughts, words or deeds; or that it's my karma.

What if someone still sees the experience or condition they are experiencing as real?

I believe Love will continue to remind the individual of their nature and will find a suitable method of healing that is in harmony with the individual's belief system. Love will then continue to remind the individual of his nature as Love every moment, whether he heeds the Voice or not, until he no longer has the desire to create drama or act out roles; and can simply be and express who he really is.

Love doesn't care about my characters but cares very much about who I am as Love.


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