Thursday, 10 February 2011

More about Cravings

While I was writing, I had a craving for some doughnuts then the craving went away. An hour later I had a craving for a bar of chocolate but that went away too.

It would seem that there are two me's vying for supremacy in this body.

There's the me - Me1 - that has urges to have snacks and even feels hungry.

There's the me - Me2 - that is never hungry. Food is not even part of her vocabulary as she doesn't need to be nourished or sustained. How can you sustain that which has no beginning or end; that which is eternal; that which is infinite?

In truth, Me1 and Me2 are one and the same. Me1 is the part of me that thinks. Once a thought is activated, the effect is the accompanying feeling. Me2 is the Observer that is in constant silence.

Therefore, the moment I activate the thinking part by either generating the thought or picking up on a thought, I am joined with all others who are thinking of food, which makes me feel like eating, whether I'm hungry or not.

But the moment I switch to the Observer, all thoughts, feelings and urges are silenced.

I believe the reason why I only tend to eat one meal a day is because I spend lots of time in silence.

I reckon if I really wanted to I could go on for days without food and just be sustained by the Observer who doesn't need to eat anyway.

But I like the eating habit. Chocolate is way too delicious to give up, but I will only have some when I choose to.


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