Saturday, 12 February 2011

On Being a Search Engine

When I type a word or query into a search engine, it displays many related hits. Sometimes a hit can even come from an article I've written.

In the same respect, I see myself rather like a search engine with links to the entire World Wide Web aka the All There Is. Therefore, when someone asks me a question I always know how to get the answer though I may have to get it off someone else.

During my walk, a man stopped me and asked if I knew the name of the road we were on as he couldn't see the street sign. Right at that moment I couldn't remember the name either so I asked another guy walking by what the name of the road was and he told me. I passed the information on to the man who had asked me.

I should have known the name of that road really because when I was a child, we lived on that very same road the man had asked me about. At least, I connected him to another website which gave him his information.

I am a search engine with links to infinite websites.


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