Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One Newspaper, Many Stories

When I read newspapers, I tend to browse through one of the free newspapers, read at the library, or I go to a news website and read online.

In today's freebie newspaper I've just picked up, the main headlines was an earthquake. In the same paper are local/global stories about the arts, business, celebrity, fashion, finance, humour, lifestyle, music, politics, sport, TV, etc. A few are even inspirational. There are, of course, adverts, which are the newspapers' bread and butter.

I believe the newspaper (or news website) is a perfect reflection of the world we are all dreaming - individually or collectively - which come in many different flavours.

I find I'm usually drawn to stories that reflect how I am feeling at that moment or ones that resonate who I am. Otherwise, I read stories without judgment.

Life is one newspaper and many stories.

Happy reading!


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