Thursday, 17 February 2011

When Music Moves Me, I Just Go With It

When an advert came on television, I noticed my mother was nodding rather enthusiastically to the music on the advert.

"I see you're enjoying that song," I said.

"Yes," she smiled.

"I love that song!" I said. "Do you know what it's about?"

"No idea!"

"It's about sex. The song is called 'Ooh La La' and it's about the need for some Ooh La La," I grinned. "The band is called 'Goldfrapp'."

I sang part of the lyrics to her. "Oh child of Venus, you're just made for love."

"I didn't know that," mum said. "I've heard it before though somewhere else."

"Yeah, they've used it in different programmes," I said. "Next time your friends call, you should recommend this song to them."

"I doubt if they'd be interested," mum laughed.

Of course, I was only teasing my mother. What difference does it make what the song is about? She felt the song and it moved her, that's all that matters.

That's the wonderful thing I love about music - it transcends all boundaries. When I love a song, I just love it; it doesn't matter what the genre is.

When music moves me, I just go with it.


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