Thursday, 31 March 2011

All Needs and Desires Have Already Been Taken Care Of

I have to confess, there are times when I do stupid things like asking the all-knowing God, who is my true self, to do such and such. Surely God who is all-knowing already knows all my needs? Unless, of course, I am dreaming that God doesn't know what is troubling me or isn't even aware that I do exist. Then I have to keep sending Him cosmic text messages to remind Him that I am still here and waiting for His response.

Since God is omniscient, this means God knows everything about me including my desires, needs, preferences, problems, insecurities in the past, present and future. God is also very much aware of everyone's desires, needs, preferences, problems and insecurities. God has not only anticipated all needs and desires, He has already taken care of ALL of them. In other words, He has already provided for ALL needs and desires for ALL time. Note, "has already provided" means it's already done and dusted. All I need to do is relax and enjoy.

While I was pondering on these ideas, I was walking home. I decided to use a different route for a change. On this road, I noticed a hole in the pavement with a sign directing pedestrians to walk on the other side. There was also a "No Smoking" sign signifying that the hole had been dug up by gas engineers (who had gone home by then). I could even smell gas as I was walking by.

For me, those signs were perfect examples of what I mean by God being aware of and has taken care of all needs. All I have to do is acknowledge and receive what He has already taken care of, just like I acknowledged the pedestrian sign and walked on the other side of the road. I would imagine pedestrians who were smoking put out their cigarettes as soon as they saw the "no smoking" sign.

As I continued my walk, it started drizzling. I thought to myself, not only is God aware that I prefer walking home in dry weather, He has already met that need. Although I could see dark clouds in the distance which signified it was raining elsewhere, it was dry where I was all the way home.

Instead of praying to inform God who already knows everything, now I thank Him for already taking care of everything. Then because my focus is on the needs already taken care of, that is exactly what I experience. Another way to put it is being in constant gratitude switches you from a problem consciousness to a solution consciousness.

Thank you, God, that you are not only aware of all needs and desires, you have already taken care of ALL of them.


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