Thursday, 31 March 2011

Claiming My Wholeness with Gratitude

As I was walking home and feeling really good and appreciative of life, my eyesight suddenly went blurry but I dismissed it as nothing. As my vision got worse, I sensed the loss of vision was part of an oncoming migraine.

I thought to myself, I'm not letting a migraine get in the way of my walk. I intend to walk all the way home. I recalled what I'd written earlier:

"God has not only anticipated all needs and desires, He has already taken care of ALL of them. In other words, He has already provided for ALL needs and desires for ALL time." All Needs and Desires Have Already Been Taken Care Of
I said to myself, well this is a perfect opportunity for me to claim my wholeness now with gratitude. As I walked, I kept repeating "Thank you, God!" and thanking God for being everywhere present and walking me home. At one point my vision was so poor that I secretly used a woman walking in front of me as my guide. She even helped me cross the road.

While I was walking through this housing project, I heard a man and woman having a conversation and the man said hello. I said hello back even though his face was a blur. I really appreciated him being there for me though. Further on, as my vision was clearing I noticed a woman and her dog in front of me. The dog looked eagerly at me as if he was asking if he could jump on me and I smiled. The dog was soon all over me, which was wonderful. Good to see even when I appear to be walking in darkness, I've got friends everywhere.

It took about 30 minutes for my vision to return to normal then the headache arrived but it was only a dull thud which my Thank You mantra dissolved in no time at all. I then phoned a friend to share my victory story with him. Then I continued walking home.

Thank you God!


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