Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dog Eat Dog

Three days ago, I had a conversation with a taxi driver about why people in the UK hardly beep their car horns. The only times they do is when they need to alert someone, when they are frustrated with other drivers or just for fun. The driver said in Algeria, where he's originally from, the roads were always noisy as drivers were constantly beeping and the roads were chaotic. I told him it was the same when I lived in Sierra Leone. My friend said because people over there are worried about their survival, that worry comes across in the way they drive. He said because people in the UK have their basic needs met, they are a lot calmer.

So this morning, when the bus I was in arrived at a particular point, the bus got stuck at this traffic light which seemed to take ages to change. When it did change to Green, it only lasted for a few moments, which didn't give the driver enough time to move and it was back to Red. When the light changed again to Green, again it only lasted a few seconds. I had a feeling the traffic light was faulty. By the third time it changed I could see the drivers were now getting frustrated and trying to overtake each other. When one car cut in front of our bus, the bus driver beeped and the car driver beeped back.

I noticed the passenger beside me had also been observing what was going on outside. I said to her, "It's a "dog eat dog" world out there!"

"Tell me about it!" she said and both of us chuckled.

I decided I'd had enough of the drama and started silently repeating the words "Boundlessness, Freedom, Limitlessness" as a Japa meditation mantra.

I noticed the traffic soon cleared up and we were back in the flow.

When life gets into the "dog eat dog" mode, it's important to remember our nature as boundlessness, freedom and limitlessness. Then those words come to life as a physical reality and there's more than enough for everyone to enjoy, including space on the roads.


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