Tuesday, 29 March 2011

For Every Problem, There is a Solution

While I'm working on a post, I usually work on the Edit Html page and then check the formats and do my final edits on the Compose page.

So while I was working on a piece, I noticed whenever I switched from Compose to Edit Html, I lost the paragraph spacings. I wondered if other users were having the same problem. When I checked Blogger's Help Forum, I saw other users were complaining about the same problem. I also posted a comment saying I was having the same problem and hoped Blogger will resolve it soon.

Then I thought to myself, if I continue to focus on the problem I'm only going to create more of the same. Time to switch my attention to a solution.

The moment I had the thought, I had an idea to work on the Edit Html page only as it was the Compose page that the fault was occuring. After testing my idea, I realised I was right. I decided that until the issue is resolved by Blogger, I can continue to publish my posts from the Edit Html page. I then shared my idea with users on the forum.

For every problem, there is a perfect solution. All I have to do is switch my attention from the problem to the solution; and the solution reveals itself.


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