Friday, 25 March 2011

House of Mirrors

I believe each of us is the totality of all that God - the All There Is - is. Put another way, every single part of creation is the the All There Is in manifestation.

The following article, previously posted at my Home Sweet Home! blog is a perfect reminder.


Monday, June 12, 2006

House of Mirrors

"Everything comes from Intelligence. There is nothing but Unity; there is nothing but Freedom; there is nothing but Completeness; there is nothing but Totality."

~~ "The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes
Have you ever visited a House of Mirrors at an amusement park? It is a building filled with mirrors that reflect distorted images of yourself. Some mirrors make you look extremely tall with arms like tentacles; some make you look huge; some make you look skinny; some make you look flat; some make you look round; etc. Other distortions in the House of Mirrors include uneven floors that give you the false impression that you're sliding.

While distorted mirrors in the House of Mirrors make me appear in many funny shapes and sizes, they cannot change who I am. In other words, I am the same before I walk into the House of Mirrors, I am the same while I am experiencing distorted reflections of myself, and I am the same when I walk out of the House of Mirrors. The only thing I get out of the House of Mirrors is lots of laughter.

The three Dimensional reality we are experiencing called Earth is like a House of Mirrors and its nature is distortion. I am meant to enjoy it for what it is while staying focused on my identity as the eternal, unchanging, and one Infinite Self being expressed from my unique perspective. When I mistake the distortions for who I am, I am looking for trouble. And the rest, as they say, is madness.

Despite the fact that I have been mesmerised by the House of Mirrors on many occasions, a part of me has never forgotten my true identity. My mother tells me when I was a child I used to tell anyone who would listen: "I am a clever girl; I am a beautiful girl." Well, I happen to agree with my "younger" self.

Not only am I a clever girl, I am cleverness, brilliance, intelligence, light, wisdom, creativity, ingenuity, awareness, wit, truth, inspiration, imagination, excellence...and much more.

Not only am I a beautiful girl, I am beauty, symmetry, perfection, harmony, wholeness, love, goodness, wonder, life, being, oneness...and much more.

Do you find my brilliance intimidating? Does my confidence irritate you? Do you mumble to yourself: "Who does she think she is thinking she's all that?" Let me reflect the same question back at you: "Who do YOU think you are thinking you're not all that?"

For crying out loud, you're in a House of Mirrors! Lighten up! Have a good laugh at the distorted reflections you have come to believe you are. Roar at your flat body. Howl at your long neck and your ridiculously large head. Go on, have a good laugh. Have you had a bellyful? Let me remind you of something:

The brilliance that I am, you are.
The beauty that I am, you are.

Each of us is the fullness of God in expression in every moment. If you ever have a moment when you forget who you are, treat it as a House of Mirrors moment and have a good chuckle. Then remember who you are: you are the same who walked into the House of Mirrors, you are the same for the duration of your visit, and will remain the same when you leave the House of Mirrors. In other words, you are always perfect no matter what.

It is impossible for the House of Mirrors to change my identity.

I am Brilliance.


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