Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Right to Pursue Your Own Interests

Yesterday, I asked a friend if he was attending the demonstration being held today against government spending cuts. My friend said there was a crucial football match between England and Wales that determines which team qualifies for the Euro 2012 and he had no intention of missing that game. I teased him that the demonstration was more important but he wasn't convinced.

The bus I was travelling in was very crowded this morning. While I was chatting to a passenger beside me, she told me she was going on the demonstration against cutbacks. (Aha, that's why the bus is so crowded! Most of the passengers must be on the way to the same demo). My friend beside me asked me if I was taking part and I said no I had some research to do in the library but I wished her well.

While thousands are expression their views at the demonstration, there's also the annual Boat Race taking place this afternoon between Cambridge and Oxford University. Again, millions will be watching.

Of course, there's the football match I mentioned earlier between England and Wales which millions will be watching.

I'm sure there are many more events going on at the same time that people are participating in. There are also lots of stuff people are doing privately that are important to them.

I believe in the right for each individual to pursue whatever activities that are important to them. Problems arise when people or certain groups with different values start imposing their beliefs or ideals on others and expect others to act or think the same; or try to make them feel guilty for not sharing their views.

If we were all meant to think and act the same, there wouldn't be any need for this human experience.

I also believe when people are following their hearts individually or collectively, it inspires others to do the same and everyone benefits.

Whatever you're into, enjoy!


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