Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Self-Correction - Revisited

In a perfect world: there is nothing to fix, heal or repair; there are no accidents or disasters; there is no lack or loss; there is no sickness, old age or deaths; there is only inexhaustible bliss.

Unfortunately, as I'm writing at this moment, the world is not perfect. I'm not always living up to my full potential or perfect self.

The good news is there is a Self-Correction (SC) mechanism or Intelligence within each of us, which is instantly activated when we are not in harmony with our ideals or being our perfect selves in that moment. Whether the actual self-correction manifests instantly or takes time to unfold, it always does in accordance with each individual's unique belief system at that moment.

For instance, in the last episode of Dancing on Ice, the reality TV show where celebrities dance with professional ice skaters, the task of the week was for each couple to perform with two props. The props included a chair, table, hat, umbrella, Hoola Hoop. skipping rope and microphone. The two celebrities who dropped their props ended up in the bottom two and had to skate again for the judges to decide who to put through to the semi-finals. This time, both celebrities skated their routines as perfectly as they had been choreographed by the experts.

I believe the SC had helped both celebrities to relax and enjoy the moment which led to a perfect performance. One celebrity even said how pleased he was with his performance and if he was going to be voted off at least he was going out on a high. He did, in fact, get voted out as he wasn't technically as good as the other celebrity skater.

Years ago, on my way out of this bookshop, a man bumped into me and whacked my knee with a briefcase he was carrying without even realising he'd done it. For a few seconds the pain was so excruciating that my knee buckled but then I thought to myself "That didn't happen!" By the time I walked out of that shop, a few seconds later, I was walking straight and my knee was back to normal. In other words, the SC in me was activated as a Truth principle I believe in. The statement "That didn't happen!" was a reminder to myself that because Love is all there is, that clash didn't and could never happen. Even if people brush against each other, it is love brushing against love which cannot cause pain.

I once heard about a man who had been driving and ran over a boy. Because he was aware of Truth principles, he quickly denied the reality of the experience that accidents can happen in God's perfect world and the boy got up and there was nothing wrong with him. In other words, the SC in the man manifested as a Truth principle he believed in, which instantly corrected the situation.

At the risk of sounding like a parrot, I repeat - when I was 10 years old and I got run over by a car, as I was falling I heard a voice in my head telling me the accident wasn't real and it was a dream. For a moment I felt myself being everywhere present. In other words, my SC had been activated as my Inner Voice reminding me of the Truth of being and made me experience my omnipresent nature. I believe if I had taken that Truth on board, I would have got up and be perfectly whole and there would have been no need for me to be taken to the hospital. Still, the way events unfolded was pretty amazing. There was an ambulance at the back which took me to the hospital. The woman who had been driving the car turned out to be a Sister at the hospital so she and her colleagues made a huge fuss over me. I only stayed a few hours and I was sent home. It also turned out that the woman who had run me over was related to my cousin's boyfriend so my family didn't take her to court. And I ended up having two wonderful weeks off school.

Since then, I have had several near-misses but my SC has instantly manifested as an experience that has protected me. When I was nearly run over by a van, I felt someone dragging me away but when I turned round to thank the person, there was no one there. Another time when I was nearly run over by a bus, time speeded up (or slowed down depending on perspective) and I had all the time in the world to move out of the way. Another time I was crossing this junction and I thought the traffic lights were on red and crossed over. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. It was then I realised the cars had been moving all along and somehow I had crossed over at the same time.

I am very grateful to the Self-Correction Intelligence in me, which is always there to help me express my Excellence and keep me safe at all times.


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