Monday, 21 March 2011

What is Right for Me

While it is everyone's divine right to possess the Kingdom that we collectively call "earth", I believe each individual can only possess that part that is right for them or truly belongs to them.

There is, therefore, a right love companion, right family, right friends, right occupation, right hobbies, right taste, right pet(s), right business partner(s), right time, right place, right home(s), right country, etc.

When something is "right" it resonates with who I am as Love and whatever I am experiencing feels good and natural.

When something is mine by "right" they will either come looking for me or I will feel irresistibly drawn to that person, place or thing; and it will be very good for me.

When something is not mine by "right" and I try to make it happen, I will never be happy in that situation and I will find things difficult.

This morning I noticed this man walking ahead of me with this beautiful dog. When I caught up with them, I told the man how happy his dog looked. He said she's always happy when he takes her out for her walk. I asked him what breed she was and he said she was a mixture. He said when he and his partner were on holidays in Greece, the dog came up to them and they all fell in love. When they returned to the UK, their relatives in Greece looked after their dog until they could sort out the dog's papers; and she later joined them in the UK.

"Aha, so the dog found you then!" I said. "No wonder she's so happy!"

I wished both of them a good day.

Many years ago while I was a student and sharing a flat with a friend and her partner, we decided to get a pet. We agreed on a cat. The next day I got a telephone call from my friends telling me they'd found their pet but it wasn't a cat, it was a dog. Apparently, the dog had seen them and followed them and they didn't have the heart to turn him away. I had no choice but to surrender to the will of Love. The dog was very happy; and he continued to be very happy with my friends after I moved out.

A while back I had a vivid dream about an old friend whom I hadn't seen in many years. In the dream, I went to this cafe and he turned up. I was very happy to see him and before we could chat I woke up. When I went back to sleep, I had another dream that I was somewhere else and the same friend turned up. Then he took me to his place and he played some music for me. We also discussed what was going on in his personal life. When I woke up from the dream, I knew it was time to reconnect again. I got in contact via email and when we finally did meet up in person, he took me to his place and played me some music. Part of the conversation we had was identical to the one we'd had in my dream. He has now become a very special friend.

Funny how things work out. If a friend I had planned to meet up today hadn't cancelled, I wouldn't have travelled into town. If I had caught the bus into town instead of walking, I wouldn't have met my friend and his dog from Greece, which inspired this article.

Every day I am experiencing exactly what is right for me.


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