Thursday, 3 March 2011

Where Do You Live? - Revisited

This morning I noticed a sign outside this building with the words: "Danger - Men at Work" which made me chuckle.

At any moment I am either experiencing the imperfect man-made world of humans or the perfect world of my True Self.

My True Self is my God-Self whose nature is eternal bliss.

In Her world, there is nothing to fix, heal, forgive or repair.
In Her world, there are no accidents or injuries.
In Her world, there is no lack or scarcity.
In Her world, there are no lessons to learn.
In Her world, there is only peace and harmony.
In Her world, there is infinite creativity, fulfilment and supply.
In Her world, there is inexhaustible joy.
In Her world, all is perfect and complete.

Given that my worldly experiences have not always matched the world of my True Self, it does appear that I'm not always living in Her world. How can I live in the world of my True Self at all times?

By always seeing things the way She sees things i.e. knowing perfection at all times, even when appearances suggest otherwise.

When I know there is nothing to heal, change or fix and that all is complete and perfect, I am seeing with my True Self's vision; and the Universe reflects my vision back as experiences that could be described as magical, miraculous or wonderful.

The first time I remember experiencing my True Self's vision of perfection was when I was 10 years old and I was run over by a car. Just as I was falling, I heard a voice in my head telling me that the accident wasn't real and I was dreaming. In other words, in the world of my True Self there are no accidents, therefore, the accident wasn't real. At the time, what my Self was telling me didn't make much sense but everything did work out perfectly. In fact, the way events unfolded could even be described as "miraculous." See Accident or Omnipresence at Work?

Years ago, when I was experiencing persistent pain in my knee, I saw healers, therapists and specialists and they couldn't come up with a cure. When I turned to my True Self, I was shown a vision of myself running. In other words, I was being reminded that in the world of my True Self there are no injuries and nothing to heal, therefore, my knee is so perfect I can run. At the time, the vision didn't seem realistic as I couldn't even walk without pain let alone run. That vision did come true and I went from limping to running for a bus and the knee was instantly healed. See There is Nothing Wrong

There have been times when I have looked at the fridge and it's been empty and have been reminded that the fridge is full. In other words, in the world of my True Self there is no lack. Relatives and friends usually come round with food and the fridge is then full. I have tested this many times. See More Food, Glorious Food!

Right now, there's a lot of fear about government cutbacks and people fearing for their livelihoods. I believe instead of reacting to appearances it's important to remember where I live and let the rest take care of itself.

I live in the world of my True Self now and forever.


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