Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Yes, We Can!

In one dream I had this morning before I woke up, I was chatting to President Obama of America. There were lots of people queuing up to speak to him about issues they were concerned about.

When it came to my turn I asked him if he'd ever watched Star Trek and he said he had. Was he a die-hard Trekkie? He asked me to clarify and I said it was someone who not only knows all the episodes but goes to the conventions and might even dress up as the characters or aliens. The President said he wasn't a Trekkie. Unfortunately, we could only chat for a few minutes as he was called away for more "official" business. He was fun to talk to anyway.

And then I woke up.

Later as I was walking into town, I noticed a company van with the slogan "We Can", which reminded me of President Obama's "Yes we can!" slogan during his election campaign. I noticed two more company vans with the same slogan.

It's funny how I've seen those vans lots of times before but they've meant nothing to me. The only reason why they now had meaning was because of my dream about the President.

Can we make meanings out of our dreams, even when they mean absolutely nothing at all?

Yes, we can!


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