Sunday, 24 April 2011

Going My Way?

At some point during my bus journey, the driver stopped the bus. When we asked him what was going on, he pointed to a huge crane in the middle of the road and he said he couldn't go through. He said he hadn't been notified in advance of the diversion and he was asking his superiors for directions.

After I got fed up waiting, I decided to walk the rest of the way to where I intended to catch the next bus, which was only five minutes away anyway. Another passenger had the same idea and we walked together. My friend said she experienced the same problem the day before and it took her two hours to get to her destination. She said she was on her way to view some properties in Richmond where she intended to buy a property and she was running late. I told her I was on the way to Richmond Park, which is my favourite park in London. Funny how we were headed to the same place though it was going to take me a lot longer to get there by bus than my friend who was travelling by train.

On my way back, on another bus, a man got on with his young son. When a woman and her son got on, the man asked her if she was from Somalia. She said yes. The man said his partner is Somalian, which makes their son half-Somalian. Both of their boys were three years old.

It's wonderful how the Universe arranges for like-minds to travel together.


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