Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I am Loved in Every Moment

Many times during meditation I have "arrived" at a place where there is untold bliss love and happiness and I've been reluctant to "return."

I used to wonder whether I could recreate that feeling in this reality, and whether it is indeed possible to experience that kind of bliss in every moment. Then I realised that what I was experiencing in those moments was how much I am already loved. To experience that kind of love, it's important to "awaken" the love in this reality. In other words, be able to see/feel the essence of all things that is behind all appearances. It doesn't matter how things appears, their nature is love.

What is love is always loving.
Something that loves me cannot cause pain or suffering.

I believe reminding the universe of its essence is on ongoing process and it's been "asleep" for a long time. In whatever appearance "sleep" appears, all I need to do is remind it that its nature is love.

For instance, because the essence of this computer I'm typing on now is love, the computer is loving me right now; as is the table and the chair.

My body is loving me right now, as is my handbag, my jacket, my top, my jeans, and my shoes.

There's no longer any need to go into deep trance to experience the love that is out of this world. I can experience that love now by always remembering that I am not only surrounded by love, I am loved in every moment.


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