Monday, 11 April 2011

Nature or Nurture? - Revisited

What determines one's physical features? Is it nature or nurture?

While a young man was chatting me up earlier today, he asked me where I was originally from. I told him I was born in London, lived in Sierra Leone when I was a child (where my parents are from), and then returned to the UK in my teens. He said I didn't look African but looked Jamaican. He also thought I looked a lot younger than my years and wanted to know my secret. He asked for my phone number but I decided to keep that a secret. :-)

I find it interesting how a lot of people I meet these days tend to think I'm either West Indian or from the Caribbean. I remember when I first went to America, the African Americans I met could tell I wasn't American. They thought I looked "foreign." Obviously as soon I opened my mouth they knew I was from the UK. This hasn't always been the case though.

When I first returned to the UK after spending 12 years in Sierra Leone, it was very obvious that I was from Africa. I didn't even have to say anything, people could just tell by my features and the way I carried myself. When I spoke, I obviously had a very strong accent.

As years went by and I adopted the British mentality, not only did my accent change, people could no longer make assumptions about where I was from. At university, I studied cultural theories of gender, identity and race and I was able to deconstruct my various human identities. I realised I was a lot more than the human labels I had adopted. During meditation, I realised myself as the eternal spirit self/boundless light appearing as the many forms. (I had already experienced my eternal self at age 10 when I was in a car accident. (See Accident or Omnipresence at Work).

Based on my own personal experience, I believe nature i.e. my real self determines my features and appearance as the Light that I am can be anything. That's why people are no longer able to fit me into a nice neat black box. Obviously, I wouldn't want to go too far transforming my appearance otherwise no one, including myself, would be able to recognise my human form, which would be a total disaster.

I am boundless light expressing myself as black, female, British, heterosexual, daughter, sister, writer, friend, etc.


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