Saturday, 9 April 2011


As I was walking through the park, I noticed this woman walking with her dog beside her and I said hello. She stopped and said to me that she was having a bit of back ache. She said even though she'd given up cigarettes, she still hasn't lost the excess weight. She said it's her weight that is causing her back ache.

"Do you have rules about food?" I said.

"Since I gave up fags (cigarettes) I've been eating twice as much."

"What I meant was do you see some food as good or bad," I said. "I tend not to judge food as good or bad, I just eat what I love."

"I've cut out biscuits and cakes from my diet," she said.

"Well, at least walking your dog should help," I said.

"She's also fat," she pointed to her dog and I could see the dog was overweight.

"Good luck anyway with your diet and all the best!" I said.

I'm not one for making up rules about eating. I believe all foods are good, it's just I prefer some over others. I also believe no food has any power to make you put on weight. It's all about belief.

I do wish my friend and her dog well. I know both of them will find a way to reach their ideal weight and express radiant health at all times.


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