Monday, 11 April 2011

On Impatience and Why Pigeons Can Still Fly

In an email exchange to a friend about patience, I said sometimes I get impatient because the physical frequency can be a tad too slow for my liking. I said in the realm of pure thought where I'm from you can manifest things instantly.

Later as I was walking up these steps outside this building, I noticed a pigeon walking up with me. I thought to myself, why would you want to walk up these steps when you can fly?

While there are lots of birds that walk about, I find pigeons, the ones in London anyway, are quite unique in that they tend to mimic human behaviour. Perhaps, they are simply curious about human behaviour? I've seen pigeons waiting at traffic lights to cross the road; I've even seen one walk beside me as I was using a Pelican crossing. Once when I went into a grocery store, a pigeon accompanied me but we walked down different aisles. The shopkeeper asked me if it was a good omen to have a pigeon in his shop and I said it was. What do I know about good or bad omens? I don't think the pigeon bought anything though as he didn't have any money on him. A friend told me he once saw a pigeon riding on the tube (underground train) and I wondered if the pigeon had travelled for free. As a matter of fact, I've seen pigeons wandering about in the underground station.

And yet, while pigeons appear to be acting human, they never forget who they are. When the need arises, they still fly and live on trees and rooftops. Later on while I was walking through this park and saw a flock of pigeons, I waved my hands about and they scattered. A few even flew a few yards and landed back on the grass.

Pigeons remind me that I can explore different realities while still being true to my nature. Therefore, instead of getting impatient about the pace things move in this physical reality, I need to keep remembering that I'm simply experiencing who I am from a different perspective. It doesn't mean I stop being who I innately am. When the need arises, I can always spread my "wings" and fly. For instance, when I go on my long walks, although I am covering long distances, I still get to experience my wings as limitless energy. That's why I never feel tired.

Thank you, pigeons, for reminding me that whatever reality I find myself in, I can still fly.


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