Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Take Control or Be Controlled

During my bus journey a lot of school boys, aged around 10, got on. Presumably, they were on some school trip. They were very loud. I didn't want any of them to sit next to me. As if the boys had sensed my intent, each time a boy sat next to me, another seat will become available and the boy would move. Finally, the only seat available was the one next to me and one boy sat on it.

While the boy sitting next to me was speaking to his friend, he kept gesticulating and jabbing me with his elbow. After he'd done it twice, I brought it to his attention and he apologised. As he was still too loud for my liking, I closed my eyes and projected peace everywhere on the bus. After a few moments, he calmed down and was speaking quietly. I also heard someone on the bus, presumably their school teacher, hushing the rest of the boys. After a while, I didn't hear the boy beside me anymore. When I opened my eyes, I saw he and his friend had moved to the seat in front, which had become available. For the rest of my journey, the seat beside me remained vacant.

I believe we've all been given our energy systems appearing as human forms, and it is each individual's responsibility (child or adult) to take control of it. If you're not in control of your energy or not able to control it, someone else is going to do it for you.

Take control or be controlled.


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