Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Water Off a Duck's Back - Revisited

As I was taking one of my long walks in the forest, I felt so much love for the forest and I said out loud: "I love you, forest! I love you, trees! I love you, river!"

In my thoughts I heard the words: "We love you too!"

"Thank you!" I smiled.

I felt waves and waves of love which I sent back and I received more love and I was in utter bliss.

I suddenly had a thought. What if I were to send hate to the trees, what would happen?

"Do it and see what happens," my Inner Voice said.

"OK, I hate you forest! I hate everything around here!"

When I listened, I heard the thought, "We love you!"

"Did you hear what I just said? I hate you!"

"We love you!"

IV: Do you see that it makes no difference whether you love or hate, it's like water off a duck's back. The Universe only knows how to love and support you always.

EJ: Are you saying if I send hate to someone I end up receiving love?

IV: That is correct! Because the essence of whoever you are sending thoughts to is love, they can only love you in return.

EJ: But we've been taught that what goes around comes around. Therefore, if you give love, you should expect to receive love; if you give hate, you receive hate.

IV: That is based on the beliefs that we are only humans who love and hate. When you realise that your identity is the Infinite Self/Universe and your nature is Love that can only love, then you know that no matter what you give out, you get back inexhaustible love in return. In fact, you are constantly being loved in every moment whether you love or not.

EJ: Wow! Imagine what it would be like experiencing that love in every moment.

IV: Most people only realise the nature of the Universe as Love that can only love when they have "passed over" and no longer in human form. Instead of waiting till you "die" before you can experience that love, why not experience that love now?

EJ: How does this work in practice?

IV: It's simple. Know that you are loved in every moment and expect to receive that love now. Being loved in every moment means You as the Infinite Self/Universe is always energising, guiding, healing, inspiring, providing, soothing, supporting, and keeping you safe. In other words, Infinite Self is always providing whatever you need in human form, irrespective of your beliefs or whether you've had "good" or "bad" thoughts.

EJ: In other words, I am always loved no matter what I do.

IV: Precisely!

EJ: Thank you!

IV: You are loved always.

I am loved always.


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