Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Absorption - Revisited

My mother has a potted Bologie vegetable plant that I affectionately call Agnes.

When it comes to feeding Agnes, I usually pour water into the pot and let Agnes take what she needs and the excess drains into her bottom tray, which she drinks as and when needed.

My mother's way is to pour the water in the tray underneath the pot and let Agnes absorb the water as and when she needs.

Either way works very well. It only takes Agnes a few days to drain the bottom tray and she's asking for more water.

Just like Agnes can receive water by absorbing it, I can also receive love by absorption. For instance, this morning when I was looking tired, I imagined myself as a sponge absorbing light into my skin. Within a few seconds, I was looking radiant.

Another way I absorb love is when I still my thoughts. Then I am constantly absorbing all the love-light I need and to share.

Thank you, Agnes, for reminding me about the power of absorption. All my love to you, my friend.


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