Friday, 6 May 2011

As Overjoyful as a Gmail Account

When I am or feeling joyful, I am full of joy but I need to keep topping up to remain full.

When I am or feeling overjoyful, I am overflowing with joy. This means I always have more then enough joy to share.

Being overjoyful is rather like a Gmail email account, which has a counter showing that every second more storage space is being added. Therefore, it doesn't matter how many emails I receive, I will always have storage space anyway.

So to be overjoyful is to be overflowing with joy in every moment. To help me remember, I always ask for help to experience overjoyfulness in every moment.

Once a week, I go to a particular library to read their glossy and lifestyle magazines. I really enjoy that time when I can just chill out and enjoy the articles or admire the fashions and lifestyles. So yesterday as I was reading a magazine, five kids came in and two boys decided to practise their martial arts at that moment. One girl said to them that they were disturbing readers and they should move to the kids' sections but the kids stayed put. I could have either asked the kids to move away or ask a librarian to move them to the kids' section but I wasn't bothered at all. In other words, I was so overflowing with joy, the kids' actions had no effect on me. In fact, I was even enjoying their company.

Later as I was walking home, I met this guy who asked me if I remembered him. I told him we'd met on a particular road about a year ago. At the time, he was chatting me up but I told him I wasn't available. He said I was looking really good and even "lighter" than he remembered. He asked me if my status had changed and I said no. After chatting to him for a few minutes we shook hands and I wished him well.

A few minutes later, I met several girls (about 8 years old) playing on the pavement. They all said hello and smiled sweetly at me and I smiled back and said hello.

Thank you, Gmail, for reminding me that I am receiving more and more joy in every moment. That's why I always have more than enough joy to share.


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