Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Does Luck Really Exist?

Does luck really exist?

On one level, there does appear to be a force one can activate through one's thoughts and beliefs. When circumstances appear to conspire against you, you are considered to be unlucky or to have bad luck; and when circumstances conspire in your favour you are considered to be lucky or to have good luck.

I have also observed that regardless of what beliefs I have, whether I see myself as lucky or unlucky, the Universe is always conspiring in my favour to make me happy, loved and safe. Even when my actions or thoughts have set in motion "negative" outcomes, I have observed the Universe always turning things round in my favour.

Here's one experience I like to recount time and time again to remind myself of how the Universe works.

When I was ten years old and on my way to school, I was run over by a car. I was living in Sierra Leone at the time. It happened while I was crossing the road. On one side of the road a car missed me but when I got to the other side, I was hit. As I was falling to the ground, I heard a voice in my head telling me it was all a dream and it wasn't real. I also felt myself out of my body and being everywhere at once then I was back in my body. Because of the limited medical facility at the time, after an accident happened instead of calling an ambulance, which were few and far between, victims would usually be rushed to the hospital in someone's car. So I was put at the back of the driver's car. Just before they drove off, I heard someone saying I was very lucky because there was an ambulance a few cars back. So they transferred me to the ambulance which took me to the hospital. I was very excited riding in an ambulance with the sirens blaring away. Later I discovered that the driver who had ran me over worked as a Sister at the hospital and had been on her way to work. Her colleagues, the doctors and nurses, made a huge fuss over me. After taking care of my wounds and bruises I was discharged a few hours later and told to rest. I was off school for two weeks. We also discovered that the driver of the car was related to my cousin's boyfriend. So no legal action was taken against her.

You could ask, if the Universe is always conspiring in my favour, why was I run over in the first place? Why didn't the Universe protect me?

Well the Universe did try to protect me in the form of my out of body experience and the Voice which told me it was a dream and the accident wasn't real. At the time, I didn't understand what that meant. I later realised what the Voice was actually saying was that in a Universe of Love accidents do not and cannot happen. If I had accepted that Truth, I would have got up and walked away from that scene uninjured. Nevertheless, the Universe manifested in an acceptable form that met my needs: the ambulance, the driver who was medically trained and who turned out to be "related", the hospital staff who were very kind, having two weeks off school, and being pampered at home.

I believe there is "good luck", "bad luck" and there is the unconditional love of the Universe.

I know I am loved in every moment and I expect wonderful things to happen at all times.


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