Friday, 20 May 2011

The Game of Staying Joined

When all is said and done life, as I am experiencing it, is a game of remembering that I am joined with the Universe at all times and enjoying all the benefits that come with joining; or dreaming that I am not joined with the Universe and suffer the consequences of my dreaming.

Another way to put it is when I remember I am joined, I am expressing my true self/Universe/The All There Is which is constantly expanding and overflowing with good; but when I dream I am not joined, I am a person experiencing lack.

So while I was writing in the library, I started experiencing aches and pains which I thought I was probably picking up from the environment. As I was walking home later, I discovered all the aches had vanished. As soon as I arrived home and was relaxing and watching television, they were back. What's this all about?

I realised that because I've trained myself to remember I am joined with the Universe or All There Is when I'm walking, I don't feel any lethargy during my walks. It's as if I'm doing nothing. I've long since realised that when I think of myself as only human doing the walking, the penalty is exhaustion and lots of body aches. I've also trained myself to remember I am joined when I'm doing housework like hoovering otherwise the penalty is nausea and exhaustion. Feeling pain when I was writing or relaxing was a reminder that I was dreaming myself separate from the All There Is at that moment.

Recently when my mother had a hospital appointment to have some tests done, as her doctor's surgery had already arranged for an ambulance to pick her up I didn't see any point in going to the hospital. When I assured her that the nurses will look after her, she said the nurses are never helpful. Later I decided I would meet her at the hospital. After the appointment, mum said to me that the hospital staff had been really helpful and nicer than usual. Is it any wonder they were nice? I went into that hospital knowing I am joined. When you are joined, people have no choice but to play the game of being joined and be helpful and considerate.

How do I remember I am joined?

I use affirmations and visualisations. Here are a few affirmations I use:

"I am the Universe."
"I am omnipresent Light" and then visualise myself projecting light everywhere.
"Thank you, Universe for Your infinite love gifts.
"The Universe is expressing as me."

What usually happens is my body feels lighter and I can see all the good that is around me.

But surely, if it's the nature of the Universe to pour His gifts unconditionally on everyone regardless of beliefs, I should still be able to receive whether I remember I am joined or not?

That is true but you still have to be open to receive or it will be like dying of thirst next to a spring.

If I want to win in this game, I need to remember that I am joined at all times, including when I'm brushing my teeth, going to the toilet, eating and sleeping.

When I remember I am joined with the Universe, life is easy, fun and full of wonder.


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