Friday, 13 May 2011

Minding My Own Business

They say we're meant to be our "brother's keeper". What usually happens when people are being each other's keeper is they are worrying about what the other is doing or even trying to change them. I have observed when I am overly concerned for others I end up picking up on their worries and concerns.

I don't believe in being my brother's keeper; I believe in minding my own business. By this I mean focusing only on ideas, things and experiences I love or find interesting, which may or may not involve people; and doing what I love. The ultimate way I mind my own business is when I'm listening to my inner self that is free of judgments, doctrines and dogma. My inner self emits a particular frequency that I find very peaceful and healing.

What I have observed is when I'm busy minding my own business as I've described, I find others pick up on those vibes and are inspired to mind their own business by focusing on what they love and that love radiates to others inspiring them to mind their own infinitum.

When I tried to log into Blogger to write an article, an error message came up that it wasn't available. I also noticed my previous days posts had been removed though I could still read the older posts. When I checked their website I saw they were having some problem and lots of people were complaining. I even started getting frustrated too and concerned about my blogs and started wondering whether I should open a new blog account with another host. I then exchanged texts with a friend about the matter who told me to calm down and suggested that I had a cup of tea, which is his answer to everything. Bless him! :-)

It was time to mind my own business. I drafted what I was going to post on my email account. Then I caught up on some reading, played some online Solitaire and just relaxed. When Blogger came back online I was able to republish the posts that had been deleted and, of course, this one.

When I'm minding my own business, I am tuning out the world's dramas; and the world is a lot happier for it, I reckon.


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