Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Perfect Home

I have lived in many different houses in my time which have been my home. Although I have had fun experiences in those homes, there has always been something missing for me.

So I've kept searching for that perfect place to call home where I would be so happy I would never want to leave. In my ideal home, I would enjoy the best of both worlds: it would be a place that belongs to me where I am comfortable, loved and safe at all times; and which I can take with me wherever I go. When I feel like a change of scenery, all I need to do is move my home to the new location and I'll continue to be very happy.

My ideal home does sound like a caravan, doesn't it?

Speaking of which, I once spent a weekend on a friend's caravan. There were four of us staying and there was lots of space for all of us to sleep in our own beds. The caravan also had a kitchen and toilet facilities. The only snag was it was at a caravan site so the caravan stayed put. Still it was fun experiencing living in a caravan.

Years later, when I had an Aussie boyfriend, he and I travelled around Australia in his campervan. Although the campervan didn't have a toilet and shower, we still managed pretty well as there were lots of outdoor toilets. When we needed showers we would stop off at a caravan site. It did get very intense living in such a confined space and we broke up after the holiday. At least I did get to live my mobile home dream for a short while.

I've since realised that my ideal home is not in a physical space, it is actually in my own consciousness which belongs to me. My consciousness is me as my true self which is eternal joy. Sometimes when I'm around people and I find myself picking up on thoughts that make me feel uncomfortable, I remind myself that I live and have my being in my joy. I even imagine myself spreading my wings and filling the space with my presence. I do find that I instantly feel comfortable and the environment is transmuted to resonate with my joy.

The search is over. I have found my perfect home - the joy in me.

When I'm home, I can live anywhere I can live anywhere and with anyone and still feel very comfortable, loved and safe at all times.

I love being at home.


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