Friday, 20 May 2011

The Practice of Self-Realisation

I believe Self-realisation is the practice of Self-awareness, Self-exploration, Self-knowledge and Self-expression.

Who and what is this Self?

Self is the One eternal being we all share that has no beginning or end. Self is life.

Writing is an excellent instrument for me to practise Self-realisation.

The computer enables me to be aware of my nature as acceptance. The computer doesn't judge what I write, it accepts anything I throw at it. Similarly, I accept myself as I am no matter what my feelings and beliefs. It also helps me to accept others as they are whether I agree with them or not.

Every day I have experiences that enable me to explore and know the many facets of the one Self in me and others.

How I express my experiences and realisations in writing is my unique way of expressing Self.

While there are many other ways I practise Self-realisation, writing is my passion. It's also the perfect way for me to share my realisations with others.


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