Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Slowing Down Time

They say time is speeding up. I don't believe time is speeding up at all. I believe time is simply a tool I am using to express who I am, which can appear to slow down or speed up according to my thoughts or perception.

It took me ages to get to sleep last night and I needed to be up early as I'd promised to run an errand for my mother then meet her at the hospital where she had an appointment for an assessment before her next operation. I have to say I wasn't looking forward to it as I hate hospitals. By 4 am I was still tossing and turning and wide awake.

I have this game I like to play where I stretch time. Let's say I have only 3 hours before I actually get up, I ask for the time to stretch to 8 hours. It usually feels to me like it has stretched. Just as I was about to stretch the time, my Inner Voice said "You have all the time in the world."

I repeated "I have all the time in the world" several times and felt my body relaxing and soon fell asleep. After I'd been sleeping for a long time, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, I discovered only about half an hour had passed. I went back to sleep, slept for ages, woke up and saw that only an hour had gone. By the time I woke up around 7 am, it felt like I had been sleeping for at least 8 hours and I was ready and rearing to go.

When I arrived at the hospital around 9.30, when my mother's appointment was, she hadn't yet arrived. Presumably, the hospital transport that had been sent to pick her up must have arrived late. When I explained the situation to one receptionist, she was very understanding. She said the transport usually picks up other patients in the area so it doesn't matter if those patients arrive late for their appointments as they will still be seen anyway. My mother finally arrived about 45 minutes later. Thank God I had a magazine with me!

As we were waiting for my mother to be called up, I reflected on how hospitals, at least ones on the National Health Service, seem to operate in their own time. Sometimes they run on time and a lot of the time they don't. Patients have no choice but to comply with NHS time. I believe if people accepted the idea that they have all the time in the world, people slow down and become more relaxed and happy. Where people are relaxed and happy there would be fewer patients, if any; which would be bad news for doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. I can't see this idea catching up any time soon, do you?

We didn't have to wait long for my mother to be seen and the nurse was very helpful.

When I caught the bus from the hospital, I noticed it was the same bus that had taken me to the hospital 2 hours earlier. I wonder if the driver had been sitting there for 2 hours waiting for me? Nah! Time simply rearranged itself so I can travel on the same bus!

When I think I have all the time in the world, I have all the time in the world.


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