Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Taking Directions

Directions are very powerful commands.

Sometimes when I'm having my photos taken, my friend directs me as to pose and mood. I know when my friend gives me directions, it's because he wants us to experiment with different angles, lighting and props, which is all part of the fun and I'm very happy to comply. I also direct my friend as to poses and themes.

Film and stage actors are constantly taking directions from their scripts or from the director on set. I'm sure they're aware that they are being guided to be true to the character and the story.

Every moment there are many directions being given out consciously or subconsciously from: family and loved ones, media, advertising, government, society, religion, philosophies etc. If you are not self-aware, you find yourself acting out these thoughts and ideas that are not in harmony with your being.

I don't mind being directed as long as I know I'm the One giving the directions from behind the scenes.

I am the Director of my film.


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