Sunday, 15 May 2011

With Love, There is No Contest

If we are to believe the reports in the mainstream media we'd be running scared. The good news is that no matter what scaremongering stories the media and politicians are spinning, I believe Love is always in total control.

Speaking of which, it was business as usual last night with the annual Eurovision Song Contest, which was hosted in Düsseldorf. The theme of this year's contest was "Feel Your Heart Beat" with an animation of a pulsating heart.

I really liked the heart symbol which represents Love bringing people together in the spirit of sharing the power of music.

Although there were some good songs, Azerbaijan's performance really stood out for me because of the special effects used while the group was on stage with light raining down on them which, to me, signifies Unconditional Love that is constantly pouring on everyone regardless of their race, colour or creed. Azerbaijan won with the song: "Running Scared."

I believe winning the Eurovision is a bit of a double-edge sword because the winning country has to host the next song contest. The United Kingdom must be relieved they didn't win as they're already hosting next year's Olympics already. The last thing the UK needs is to host another major event. (In any case, one of the singers from the Azerbaijan group actually lives in north London so their win is the UK win). ;-) Good luck, Azerbaijan, with hosting next year's Eurovision!

I believe it matters not how much scaremongering is going on in the mainstream media, Love is all there is.

With Love, there is no contest.


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